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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall: A Pharmacy with a Heart

    We at Canadian Health&Care Mall strive to provide you, the customer, with better health and greater well-being. We see it as our task to accompany you on your way to a wholesome lifestyle and make your trip as best as possible. But what may be right for you to feel good depends on who you are and what conditions you have.

    With us you will receive pharmacological help for both large and small issues with quality drugs, health and wellness. We offer a broad product range, developed services and personal advice. We strive to make it easier for you to be our customer.

    Whether you come in to Canadian Health Store online, get in touch with our Customer Support or visit the pages of our website to shop for pharmaceutical goods, we want to meet you on your terms. We aspire to be a pharmacy with a heart.

    Brief History of Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Our earlier management has left us powerful legacies. We started our journey in early 90s when the Canadian Health Mall sign was put up on stores of pharmacy chain across Toronto and Ottawa. We contributed greatly to people in need of a closer drugstore and better opening hours, thus doing our social responsibility duty.

    By the end of the decade we took a shift towards online-managed operating. This helped us save money and mark down the prices that we quoted for our products, for we no longer had to pay tall bills for rent and a swollen payroll.

    We have always put great trust with our employees – many with five years of university education – that are qualified to help you deal with questions about drugs, health and wellbeing. Learn more about our pharmacy concept by scrolling down.

    The requirements imposed on all Canadian pharmacies are high, regardless of whether they function online or offline. The demands placed on staff skills and development are the same as before the liberalization of the pharmacy market. At Canadian Care Mall, we are focused on the quality of our products and services. The demands placed on staff skills and training remained the same since before we went online. Our pharmacists are qualified health professionals.

    For us at Health&Care Mall Canada…

    • …A better health and greater well-being for our customers is a step towards a more prosperous society.
    • …Sustainability means to not stop at minimizing the risk and negative effects on the environment and communities. To become tomorrow’s pharmacy we also want to maximize our positive impact through social responsibility that comes with our mission as a drug supplier and our role in the continuum of care.
    • …Building a teamwork means that every employee and support office will contribute in collaboration with our customers, suppliers and other partners.
    • …It is important to pursue the best practice and continuous improvement. In this way we take advantage of the knowledge available and the new ideas that can make us better.
    • …Our work on sustainability should not be limited by complex challenges. We must dare to see the problems, but to always have the solution, bringing you better meds for still lower price.