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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall Healthcare Accents During Flu Epidemic

    The flu season is in full swing, and this years it may turn out to be the worst in a decade. The main concern is the spread of the so-called Australian flu – the strain known as A(H3N2), which has already caused over 70 deaths in Australia. Of course, few people have a real risk […]

    Heart Issues and ED: Canadian Health&Care Mall on the line

    Erectile dysfunction almost inevitably implies cardiovascular risk factors – not accidentally the doctors recommend undergoing cardiac tests for ED patients. There is a growing body of data indicating that ED can be an early sign of systemic vascular lesions. Cardiovascular diseases treatment may accelerate the development of ED problems. Inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5 (also […]

    How Can One Benefit from Affordable Canadian Healthcare?

    According to initial Canadian Health Act of 1984 and its last amended version of 2012 there are still the same principals for each and every Canadian citizen in 2015. All 10 provinces of the country as well as the city centre are believed to fall under equal regulations. Besides, Canadian HealthCare Shop is considered to […]