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  • On Natural Erection Cures and Why They Fail

    Definitely, most people know at least faintly about the capabilities of special cures that treat erectile dysfunction. These are Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Cialis and others. They are widely used in the medical sphere that treats problems with reproductive system. These products are of high dependability, quality and effectiveness. Nonetheless, many individualities try to avoid their administration.

    There are several reasons for that. First of all, such preparations consist of synthetically created components and different chemicals. This negatively affects our body and its systems. Secondly, the cost of such products is pretty high and not all can afford them. Thirdly, such preparations are very powerful and are commonly prescribed by physicians. Therefore, it should take time to receive them. In addition, many men are reluctant about sharing such delicate problems to somebody, even to a physician.Erectile dysfunction

    Due to these reasons, multiple Internet customers seek for natural alternatives of synthetic preparations. These are safe, cost significantly lower and no one would suspect that you order them for the treatment of ED. Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks. One of the most important ones is effectiveness.

    Still, let’s consider all possible natural variants first.

    Natural Products that Help against ED

    Geo Espinosa, director of the Integrative Urological Center at NYU Langone Medical Center, assures that there exist certain natural alternatives to ED cures, which give pretty satisfactory results. Of course, they do not have immediate effects and will not help soon after administration. Nevertheless, there are definite methods of continuous usage of these natural products, which help to achieve and even maintain erection. However, the physician says that they have some disadvantages as well.

    Here is the list of the most powerful natural herbs and methods that can eliminate problems with ED:

    • Acupuncture. This is a needle therapy, which strengthens blood streaming. Commonly, it is used for individuals who suffer from headache or pains in back. However, due to stronger blood inflows it has positive impact upon erection. Still, its effects are not enough.
    • Arginine. This is a natural ingredient of many products. It has great relaxation effects for blood vessels. Increased firmness of their muscles reduce the amounts of blood in penis. This ingredient can remove this problem. However, Espinosa says that great doses of arginine lower blood pressure and for the positive effect, you will surely need high doses.
    • Ginkgo Biloba. This is one of the leaders in the U.S. and Europe markets amongst herbal remedies. Its extracts sufficiently increase the blood streaming. Commonly, this is a treatment of problems with memory and blood dysfunctions. Still, it can help against ED. The scholars mark that it can lead to adverse effects, which are associated with different digestive disorders.
    • Ginseng. This is a very popular ED treatment. It greatly maintains erectile functions and helps to overcome difficulties. The scientist cannot define the way it works. This should not be a downside, because it helps and does not induce any harmful effects.
    • Horny Goat Weed. The leaves of this herb is a traditional curing of erectile dysfunction in China. The major property of this herb is powerful energy support of the entire organism. It shows dependable results. Nevertheless, it can reduce blood pressure.
    • Pomegranate. Its juice and extract are capable to widen arteries, which promotes more significant blood flow. Nonetheless, its entire influence upon human organism is not known completely. It can be used as an additional maintenance source for our body and its systems.
    • Rhodiola Rosea. This is a novel cure for the U.S.A. It sustains body and adds great energy. Thus, it increases overall endurance of the organism and has positive affection upon erectile functions. With its help, people do not exhaust so quickly and their performance is longer. This gives great support to erection. At times, it can induce some adverse reactions, but their severity is low.
    • Yohimbe. It is extracted from African tree and is commonly added to various supplements against ED. It sustains organism with energy and has positive impact upon mood. Thanks to its properties, it can be successfully used by men whose problems are connected with mental deviations. Notwithstanding, it also induces adverse effects. It does not suit every examinee.
    • Testosterone. Undoubtedly, lowered levels of testosterone lead to difficult erection. However, the problems happen when its levels are reduced. At times, men experience problems with their erection even when its concentration is in norm. Consequently, the increase of this hormone will not cure ED.


    These indications allow understanding the whole picture clearer. For instance, Eric Laborde, MD, a spokesman for the American Urological Association, is skeptical about the usage of these alternatives. Most of them have negative influence upon human organism. They have some positive effects, but they are not enough.

    As you can see, natural cures are also dangerous for human health. Many of them induce adverse effects and the others do not have strong affection. These alternatives cannot help in some 15 minutes or at least one hour after usage. It takes a long way to feel the desired results. In the end, it turns out that their potential is too weak. They are good when you want to simply maintain your erection or improve its quality. Nonetheless, they are not capable to remove really serious ailment.

    Therefore, medical cures for ED are the best options. They have lasting and strong effects, help quickly and for sure. It is possible to minimize adverse effects if using such cures properly after consultation by a specialist. In occasion, you cannot buy these expensive products, you can find their generics that fully duplicate their effects, but cost lower. Besides, Internet ordering guarantees your full confidence.

    Consequently, you can use synthetic preparations and benefit from them. You only have to do this reasonably.