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  • Stop Premature Ejaculation with Canadian Health and Care Mall

    Nowadays many men suffer from premature ejaculation (or PE), so that you shouldn’t feel embarrassed if you experience its symptoms. The good news is that this medical condition is not lasting, and you can choose from different treatment options, such as taking Priligy, for instance. If you want to know the precise definition of PE, it’s defined as achieving an orgasm too fast (less than 2 minutes) during sex, and this is what causes a lot of stress and frustration. Don’t let this problem ruin your relationship and self-confidence! Canadian Health and Care Mall offers a variety of drugs that will help you solve it fast and easily.

    2 Basic Types of PE

    Some doctors find it hard to define this medical condition, but they agree that it has 2 main types, so you need to contact your physiologist to diagnose it before treating.

    • The primary one affects young men who are only becoming sexually active.
    • The secondary one occurs later in life and is caused by either physical or psychological factors.

    2 Most Common Causes of PE

    There are many factors that may result in experiencing PE symptoms, including physical, psychological and both at the same time.

    • Psychological causes include everyday stress, anxiety, depression, problems with a partner, especially on the early relationship stages, and so on.
    • Physical causes include drinking too much alcohol, taking recreational drugs, having prostate problems and suffering from an underactive thyroid.

    Effective Treatment Options

    Once your doctor determines the causes of premature ejaculation, discuss available ways to treat it and their possible effects.

    1. Prescription drugs, such as Priligy, a SSRI developed, to help men who have this medical condition. It has high success rates in delaying ejaculation, and you can buy Priligy in Canadian Health and Care Mall because it offers its authentic form at affordable rates.
    2. Local creams used as anesthetics, such as EMLA, which desensitize a penis and must be applied 15 minutes before sex.
    3. Condoms with local anesthetics that work similar to local creams.
    4. Behavioral techniques that help men get rid of their premature ejaculation habit.
    5. Counselling courses to eliminate psychological or emotional causes of this medical condition.

    How Priligy Can Help

    This medication is available as pills, contains Dapoxetine as its active ingredient, and is a SSRI that helps men increase the time taken for ejaculation. Priligy increases serotonin levels and delays the chemical reactions responsible for fast ejaculation, thus, helping patients last even 3 times longer. It’s discreet and easy to take, so that no one will ever know that you are taking this medication.

    Our online pharmacy provides you with an excellent opportunity to order it and forget about the anxiety and stress of premature ejaculation. Before you buy Priligy, there are certain things that we advise you to learn about its intake.

    • What is it all about?

    It’s a pill taken when you want to extend the time you can last before ejaculation, its standard dose is 30 mg, and you need to take it 1-3 hours before sex. It works by increasing serotonin levels and delaying the brain reaction that causes your ejaculation.

    • How should you take this med?

    You can take your pill with or without food, and this means that its chemical reactions are not affected by meals, but it’s not allowed to drink alcohol. Doctors don’t allow patients to take more than 1 tablet per day to avoid overdose, and only men who are 18-64 years old can use this PE treatment if they’ve experienced symptoms and difficulties for the last 6 months. Priligy works best during the first 3 hours, but its effects can last up to 12 hours.